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For some people who are almost unable to walk due to illness, disability, and injury, sometimes getting a powerful electric wheelchair is necessary. Even our old folks who have limited mobility will need something to lessen the amount of walking to get to where they want to go. While many types of wheelchairs emerged in the market, each type depends on to what is best suited to the user.

The lightweight powered wheelchair is the type of mobility chair that is easier to store and transport. Just like the standard powered wheelchair, it is the best solution for individuals who have difficulty to manoeuver and operate a manual chair. It serves as a perfect fit for their lifestyle to keep active and on the go. The lightweight powered wheelchair is specifically designed to be highly adjustable to suit the needs of the people who need mobility assistance. People with disability can move freely and independently.

A lightweight powered wheelchair typically weighs up to 50 pounds. It is durable and can support a weight capacity of 265-330 pounds depending on what brand. It’s lightweight enough to be accepted by airlines and cruise lines when you want to travel. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can run 10-15 miles in driving distance. Lightweight powered wheelchairs are designed for quick and easy assembly. Most of them can be quickly folded up in seconds.

This powerful mobility chair is portable and very convenient to use. Smaller than the traditional power chairs, this feature allows the user to fold and store it to the back of their car, SUV, or small spaces in an easy way. Being compact is not just the pride of this power chair, it also provides great maneuverable ability and simple features to help them get around the house, or even outdoor. People will enjoy the ride smoothly even going over the rough terrain.

One of the main features to look for a mobility chair is the comfort to users. Its back upholstery, padded arm-rest, and cushioned seat are comfortable for individuals who travel on longer trips. It also comes with adjustable arm-rest for easy access and comfort. Some of the lightweight powered wheelchairs has a customize feature that allows you to pick the color and accessories you want to fit your style and personality.

Little injured girl on wheelchair with doctors at medical office
Lightweight powered wheelchair fits on any budget because it costs less than older power wheelchairs. Its replacement parts are very much affordable too.
Traveling with a folding powered wheelchair

Do you like to travel and visit your favorite places? Have you encountered difficulty getting around places? For individuals who find it difficult to walk, or injured, elderly, ill and disabled, a powered wheelchair is the best solution to make their lives easier. This is the best option for most people who are unable to self-propel a manual chair. While there are many other types of mobility device emerged in the market, folding powered wheelchair was developed for users to move freely and independently. This is their main source of freedom and a way to get their independence back.

Some people who are constantly traveling, a foldable powered wheelchair is a perfect solution for a hassle-free travel. It will help disable people break free and connect themselves with other people, and do activities that they love.

This type of powered wheelchair is designed to be lightweight, compact and foldable compared to conventional powered wheelchairs. A conventional powered wheelchair is bulky and it is difficult for transport. It usually requires a big vehicle or a van to fit the chair. It also needs an ample amount of time to disassemble and assemble the chair whenever it needs to be used.

The important feature of a folding powered wheelchair is its ease of use. Unlike the conventional chairs, the foldable powered wheelchair has the main functionality of being able to fold and unfold for travel. It can be easily broken down into smaller parts allowing the user to travel in any small vehicle.

Having a foldable powered wheelchair is beneficial for people who like to travel. It serves as an extension of the user’s ability to get around. They can bring it on an airplane, catch a cab or go to the ocean and enjoy a cruise ship. This will not limit their horizon, but will let them go out and experience life fully with joy and freedom.

In addition to the foldable powered wheelchair’s lightweight and compact design, it also offers user-friendly feature with electronic and manual control. It provides extreme performance and turning ability to get in and out of the smallest areas. This foldable power chairs give the user a full control of their life as they roam around the house, or enjoy the neighborhood and beautiful scenery.

The batteries of folding powered wheelchairs can go up to 10-15 miles on full charge. The most product of this type is usually equipped with off-board charging cables that allow them to charge it even the user is not seated on the chair. Foldable powered wheelchairs are provided with maximum security features for the user.

For people who have been traveling using a folding powered wheelchair, this has been the answer for the independence and mobility that they’ve been looking for. With its multitude of options and unique features, this will not be a hindrance to visit the places that they’ve been missing. It is a powerful wheelchair that is easy to operate and transport to improve the lives of the people.

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